Morgan and Greer have audiences on their feet, clapping along to music they describe as, ‘American folk with tinges of bluegrass, country, blues and soul.’ But Hymns for Hunger goes beyond the music. Through faith and a simple act of obedience, the duo isn’t just singing about hope – it’s sharing it with a hungry world in a tangible way, one concert at a time.


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It’s not uncommon for touring musicians to partner with an organization to raise awareness for a global cause. But rather than concert halls and civic centers, Greer and Morgan took their banjo and ukulele to the intimate pews and hymnals of churches around the country – a “boutique” tour in Morgan’s words – using hundred-year-old hymns to solve a thousand-year-old problem – hunger.

– Collegiate Magazine

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Spiritually it has been so special to play events that are about serving others, lifting up the broken and being doubly blessed in the process,’ Morgan says. ‘Cindy and I want our music to be more than a decorative shelf piece, something simply aesthetic,’ says Greer. ‘We want our music to have hands and feet – to motivate us and our audiences into action. It’s hard work and a total breath of fresh air.

– CCM Magazine

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